NEODIVERSITY, ISSN 1809-5348 (print), 2358-2847 (online) is published continously as soon as material for a new issue is ready for publication. It aims at swift publication of articles describing new organisms. All articles should be submitted electronically, and are peer-reviewed. Editorial board is ready to accept new taxa of plants, animals and fungi. There is a modest publishing fee to support the production of printed copies which are sent free of charge to major biodiversity related institutions in the world. The printed version is mailed at the day of publication which appears on the right corner of the first page of each article.

EDITORIAL OFFICE: Neodiversity, a/c Cássio van den Berg, UEFS/DCBIO, Av. Transnordestina, s.n., 44036-900, Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil. editor@neodiversity.org

PRINTED MATTER: Printed issues can be backordered. Individual prices are calculated based on the number of pages of each issue. For orders contact the email: reprints@neodiversity.org

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